Den Norske Atlanterhavskomite

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Den Norske Atlanterhavskomite is the Atlantic Council in Norway.

"The Norwegian Atlantic Committee was established in 1955. Its objective is to work for peace and understanding through existing political, defense, economic and cultural cooperation, and to spread information about Norwegian security policy. The Committee is headed by a Board, with County Governor Alv Jakob Fostervoll as Chairman. The Committee has been supported from the start by public funds."

"The Committee works both in Norway and abroad. The information and study programs cover Norwegian foreign and security policy issues, NATO alliance policies and negotiations on arms control. NAC sponsors a wide range of activities, including meetings, seminars, courses, conferences and publication projects. The Committee runs a scholarship program and a popular article series."

"Another function of the Norwegian Atlantic Committee is to gain understanding abroad for Norwegian foreign and security policy, through meetings and conferences, individual study tours and group visits to and from other countries."

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