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The American Academy of Diplomacy was founded in 1983 by Ambassadors Ellsworth Bunker and U. Alexis Johnson.


About the Academy

According to the Academy's web site:

Ellsworth Bunker and U. Alexis Johnson, "together with John J. McCloy, convened a meeting to explore ways in which persons who had served in positions of major responsibility could cooperate to promote the highest standards in American diplomatic practice. They were encouraged in this effort by several of the then serving members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. With that encouragement, the Academy began a practice, drawing on the experience of its members, of providing the Committee commentary on the qualifications of those nominated by the President as ambassadors, both career and non-career and informing the Committee of issues of particular significance in U.S. relations with the country concerned.

"Today, the Academy continues to maintain close contact with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which informs the Academy of nominations as received. The Academy no longer, however, provides the Committee with commentary on ambassadorial nominees, except in those instances where its Board of Directors concludes that the nominee clearly lacks demonstrable qualifications for the responsibilities he or she will be required to undertake as ambassador."


The Academy is affiliated with the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC, through essay programs.[1]


See the Academy web pages for a complete listing of supporters.

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