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The stated mission of America's Promise--"The Alliance for Youth"--is to "mobilize people from every sector of American life to build the character and competence of our nation's youth by fulfilling Five Promises: ongoing relationships with caring adults, safe places with structured activities, a healthy start, marketable skills, and opportunities to give back." [1]


"America's Promise was founded after the Presidents' Summit for America's Future, April 27-28, 1997, in Philadelphia. Presidents Bill Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Gerald R. Ford with First Lady Nancy Reagan representing her husband [ Ronald Reagan ], challenged the nation to make youth a national priority. Their call to action included a commitment on the part of the nation to fulfill the Five Promises. Also attending were nearly 30 governors, 100 mayors, 145 community delegations, dozens of prominent business leaders and several thousand concerned citizens. The Summit was co-sponsored by the Points of Light Foundation, the Corporation for National and Community Service and The United Way of America." [2]

Retired Army General Colin L. Powell served as the organization's founding chairman until he assumed the office of Secretary of State in the Bush administration. [3]

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