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AmeriCares is a non-profit 501(c)(3) disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization. It was "established in 1982" and "has distributed more than $6 billion in humanitarian aid to 137 countries." For Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2005 they received over $1.3 billion in contributions and over $0.3 million in government grants. [1] 990 forms

AmeriCares solicits donations of medicines, medical supplies and other relief materials from U.S. and international manufacturers, and raises the funds to deliver them to local health and welfare groups. [2] "On the ground, AmeriCares works through government ministries and welfare agencies of long-standing effectiveness like the Order of Malta, Mother Theresa's Sisters of Charity, Adventist Development and Relief Agency International, HOPE Worldwide, Project Mercy, Centres pour le Developpement et la Sante and Help The Afghan Children," it states on its website.

AmeriCares guidance includes Honorary Chairman Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ambassador at Large Barbara Bush, and Prescott Sheldon Bush, Jr.

The internal web link for "Supporters" did not work on 3/14/03. The internal link for "Financial Reports" did work but, other than board information, no names appear in these pdf files.


"Most of AmeriCares' medical, food and other disaster relief supplies ("merchandise") contributions are received from companies in the pharmaceutical industry. For the years ended June 30, 2002 and 2001, the largest contributor accounted for 28% and 16%, respectively, of total merchandise contributions. The three largest contributors accounted for 49% and 38% of total merchandise contributions, for the years ended June 30, 2002 and 2001, respectively." Source: 2002 Annual Report

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Accessed January 2010: [1]

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Was exactly the same in 2004, but minus Sol M. Linowitz (Honorary Chairman of the Board, Academy for Educational Development).2004 Annual Report

"From 1982-95, J. Peter Grace was Chairman of the Advisory Committee of AmeriCares, which included William E. Simon, Treasury Secretary under Richard M. Nixon. The Honorary Chair of AmeriCares is Zbigniew Brzezinski; Ambassador-At-Large is Barbara Bush and the Advisory Committee includes: Prescott S. Bush, Jr. (brother to former Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush), 33º Mason Gen. Colin L. Powell (ret.) and Sol M. Linowitz, chairman of Xerox Corp and officer of the World Future Society."[4]

"AmeriCares, with the help of Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America (Prodemca), conducted an advertising campaign in the U.S. on behalf of La Prensa. The ads for La Prensa solicited funds from the public to pay for the shipment of newsprint to Nicaragua. Prodemca was a neoconservative group that provided U.S. government grants to La Prensa and sponsored pro-contra aid ads in U.S. newspapers using funds from Oliver North's secret aid network."[5]



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Phone: 1-203-658-9500

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