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The name J. Peter Grace (1913-1995) "is found in the Council for National Policy (CNP) Membership Directory for 1984-85 and 1988. Grace holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University (1936). Grace "started in 1936 as Assistant Secretary at W. R. Grace, in 1945 became President and CEO. Grace is a member of the Newcomen Society, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Knights of Malta: American Chapter of the Board of Founders, Knights of Malta President, 114 Avenue of the Americas [Who's Who in America (1976-77, 1992-93)]. Grace was involved in Project Paperclip -- a post World War II CIA arrangement to remove classified information from dossiers so that former SS members and 900+ Nazi scientists could emigrate to the U. S. Hundreds of war criminals would find employment within government agencies and companies such as W.R. Grace chemical company whose president was J. Peter Grace."[1]

"From 1982-95, J. Peter Grace was Chairman of the Advisory Committee of AmeriCares."

J. Peter Grace founded in 1984 together with Jack Anderson the organization Citizens Against Government Waste. [2] This organization can be seen as a legacy of the 'President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control', also known as the 'Grace Commission'.

Chairman of the Board of AIFLD.

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