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Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) describes itself as "an independant, non-partisan youth organization dedicated to the preservation of individual liberties and freedom through limited government."

Founded by Steve Munisteri in 1980, YCT drew its initial membership base from Texan members of the the national Young Americans for Freedom organisation, formed in the early 1960s to support Republican Senator Barry Goldwater's presidential election campaign. According to Munisteri's history of YCT[1], the desire to attract "regular, mainstream students" was among the reasons for the formation of a local breakaway group.

The activities of YCT have included "Affirmative Action Bakesales" where women and people are color are charged lower prices for baked goods to protest affirmative action policies on university campuses and publication of an annual "Professor Watch List" profiling university lecturers believed to promote a liberal political agenda in their classes.[2]

Among the alumni of YCT is Brendan Steinhauser, author of The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses. He seems to want to export the YCT model throughout the country, and is apparently already starting a sister organization called The Young Conservatives of California.

The YCT web page promoting Steinhauser's book says:

College campuses today have become bastions of Marxism and political correctness. But conservative students are fighting tooth and nail to combat the grip leftists have on the academy.

Steinhauser has also written for the right-wing newspaper The Austin Review, which is edited by YCT alum Marc Levin. Both have been active in campus politics since they were undergraduates at the University of Texas, Austin.

Another YCT affiliate already exists in Pennsylvania. Other alumni include Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling, who was recently appointed to the group's advisory board.

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