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York Zimmerman Inc. (YZI) is a "film and video production company located in Washington, D.C." they note that they "produce documentaries about people and ideas which change the world - stories of war, faith, justice, revolution." [1]


New Release May 2007

Their latest documentary is called the Orange Revolution, which has been showing at film festivals since May 2007. [2]

Computer Games

In February 2006 they helped produce and release A Force More Powerful: The Game of Nonviolent Strategy. The Game was developed by military games specialist, BreakAway Games Ltd. People involved in creatin the game included:



Past Productions

  • A Force More Powerful aired on PBS in September 2000. [3]
  • Bringing Down A Dictator premiered on PBS in March 2002. [4]
  • Letter from Palestine was photographed, "written, edited and narrated by Steve York; produced in association with WGBH-Boston. Executive Producer was David Fanning. It aired on PBS in April 1989." [5]
  • Vietnam Memorial broadcast on PBS Frontline in 1983, 1984 and 1991. [6]
  • Turning Point at Normandy - D-Day: The Soldiers' Story [7]
  • The Glory and the Power: Remaking the World, aired on PBS in June 1992. [8]
  • Pearl Harbor: Two Hours That Changed the World aired on ABC and NHK (Japan) in December 1991. [9]
  • Selling the Dream aired on PBS in 1991 as part of the Smithsonian World series. [10]
  • This Honorable Court aired on PBS in May 1988. [11]
  • Remembering the Bomb aired on PBS in 1986. [12]
  • Islam aired on PBS in 1987. [13]
  • The Arab and The Israeli aired on PBS in November, 1984 as part of the Frontline series. [14]

In Production

Their website notes that they have a number of films in production at the moment, including:

  • The Ukraine project (working title)
  • The Truth project (working title)



York Zimmerman Inc.
2233 Wisconsin Avenue N.W. Suite 502
Washington, D.C. 20007 U.S.A
Tel (202) 337-3291
Web: http://www.yorkzim.com

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