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BreakAway Games Ltd founded in 1998, "designs and develops entertainment software for all platforms." According to their website:

"Although the Company is best known for its strategy games, city builders, and historical simulations, the Company's employees have been responsible for bringing over 220 titles to market throughout their careers. Led by industry veteran Doug Whatley, BreakAway Games includes core development teams from OT Sports, MicroProse Software, Avalon-Hill and TalonSoft.
"BreakAway Games has long-term relationships with several major publishers and has produced products for Hasbro, Disney, ABC Sports, MicroProse, and Firaxis. BreakAway Games' proprietary software model is in use at the Army War College, Naval War College, and The Joint Chiefs Office of Net Assessment. At present, BreakAway Games is under contract to several companies and government organizations to produce content." [1]

Recent Games

Working with York Zimmerman Inc they recently released A Force More Powerful "the first and only game to teach the waging of conflict using nonviolent methods." [2]

Recent Federal Projects carried out through BreakAway Federal Systems include:

  • Virtual Convoy Trainer "places Armed Forces in a Middle Eastern environment and enables them to quickly identify and respond to ambush tactics in urban terrain and during convoy operations."
  • 24 Blue™ - "Flight Deck simulates realistic flight deck operations - complete with aircraft, deck equipment, AI controlled personnel - all set amid the hazards of war and the flight deck itself." [3]
  • "Incident Commander teaches NIMS compliant incident management for multiple scenarios including terrorist attacks, school shootings, and natural disasters." [4]

Military links

BreakAway Federal Systems "was founded expressly to develop sophisticated, analytical training applications, advanced management models, and leading edge data visualization tools.

"The Company has strategic relationships with AAI, Boeing, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, GMA Industries, and General Dynamics among others. Our ability to form such relationships is a direct result of years of experience developing military models and operational PC-based warfare simulations for use by the Military. The US Army's Training and Doctrine Command, The Office of the Secretary of Defense Net Assessment (OSD), the Army War College, the Navy War College, the National Defense University, the NATO War College, the Joint Forces Command Joint Experimentation Directorate and many other governmental and military organizations have also used BreakAway developed software." [5]


10150 York Road, Suite 250, Hunt Valley, MD 21030
Telephone: 410.683.1702