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Ivan Marovic, Serbia and Montenegro

"Along with a group of other Serbian student leaders, Marovic formed the OTPOR ("Resistance") movement in 1998. OTPOR used popular protest and peaceful provocation to build anti-Milosevic support in the 1999-2000 period. Although OTPOR started by mobilizing young people, it quickly expanded into a mass movement with members from all sectors of society. As one of the most visible leaders of OTPOR, Marovic best represented the common youth of Serbia and organized rallies and marches in the lead-up to the September 2000 election that ousted the Milosevic regime. After 2000, OTPOR focused on building democratic society in Serbia and opposing corruption. OTPOR has become a model for resistance movements in other countries, including Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and Albania." [1]

"After the successful democratic transition in Serbia, Marovic began consulting with various pro-democracy groups worldwide and became one of the leading trainers in the field of strategic nonviolent conflict. He lives in Belgrade where he heads The Center for Nonviolent Resistance, which he founded.

"In 2004 Marovic was tapped by the filmmakers at York Zimmerman Inc. to bring his skills as a strategist and his passion for video games to the design phase of A Force More Powerful – the Game of Nonviolent Strategy, a computer game that was released to the public in March 2006." [2]

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