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"The Wrekin Trust is an educational charity which was started in 1971 by Sir George Trevelyan Bt for spiritual education of a non-sectarian kind. ...

"The main activity for the last six years has been the development of the Wrekin Forum with the purpose of awakening and revitalizing a spiritual dimension within society by empowering and supporting a deeper connection between visionary organizations and individuals whose approach is based on holistic, spiritual and ecological principles." [1]

Sir George Trevelyan notes: "...as I approached the age of eighty (in 1986) I invited Tony Neate, the founder of Runnings Park, West Malvern, to become Chairman with his colleague David Furlong as Co-Director. In 1987 Malcolm experienced a time of ill-health, which threw all planning on David. Malcolm also realized that his real task now was to develop his remarkable seminars on "The Transformational Journey". These he had established with his wife Jane and had built up a considerable following. So it became clear to us all that this was the time for him to retire from the Trust. Our long partnership was completed and Wrekin entered a new phase under the inspiration and direction of David Furlong and Tony Neate, with David Middleton as Administrator in charge of the office, which was now moved into the grounds of Runnings Park under the Malverns – a fine centre for spiritual adult-education. I remained as President and for a time, a member of the Trustees." [2]

Memorial Lectures in London [1]


Accessed October 2011: [3]

Former People (date not clear)

Accessed February 2012: [4]

"The trustees are Hertha Larive (President), Josie Gregory... Steve Weir... John Hunt and Serge Beddington-Behrens... The Executive Vice President is David Lorimer and the Executive Director is Janice Dolley."


URL: http://www.wrekintrust.org/

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