Wisconsin's Americans for Prosperity

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Wisconsin's Americans For Prosperity is the local branch of Americans for Prosperity (AFP_ in Wisconsin.

Connection to Prosperity USA

Mark Block's Prosperity USA spent between $15,400 and $17,900 on travel expenses for Cain to attend AFP events, which Prosperity USA expected would be reimbursed by AFP.[1]

According to PRWatch, AFP and Prosperity USA have worked closely in some instances: "Both Americans for Prosperity and Prosperity USA appear to coordinate closely on other efforts, where the veil between the two groups seems to be thin. For example, Americans for Prosperity promoted a bus tour this spring to counter Wisconsin labor protests with the slogan "Stand with Walker," which directed supporters to the website http://fightbackwisconsin.com. That site says it is a "project of Americans for Prosperity." However, Mr. Block is the administrative contact for this website, as of November 5, 2011. And, the site is registered to Mr. Block's America's Prosperity Network, which has legally changed its name to "Prosperity USA.""[1]


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