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Prosperity USA is a nonprofit organization that is part of Mark Block's network of conservative groups. He is the registered agent of Prosperity USA and currently its president. [1]


Prosperity USA was incorporated in Wisconsin on April 9, 2010 under the name America's Prosperity Network, Inc. Mark block was the registered agent upon incorporation and Michael D. Dean was the incorporator. The organization filed to change its name to Prosperity USA on July 31, 2010.[1]

Legal Controversy

In January and February of 2011, Prosperity USA spent money on Herman Cain's campaign, even though Cain had already declared himself to be a candidate and Mark Block was assigned the role his campaign's chief of staff. [1] However, as a 501(c)(3) election law does not permit Prosperity USA to participate in political campaigns, raising allegations that Prosperity USA may have violated campaign finance regulations by financing expenditures for Cain's campaign.

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