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Winningreen LLC is a public relations firm. According to its website it "is a campaign communications company founded on the principle that conservative positions can win, even on issues thought to be the property of the other side. We do this by selling voters on your positions so elected officials can be confident they have the backing of their constituents."[1] It is an "environmental and energy policy communications firm, Winningreen LLC, based in Chicago Illinois." [1]

On its spartan website it describes itself as "a consulting firm dedicated to the development and promotion of sound environmental public policy, based on sound science, respect for the American people and constitutional principles."


According the website its clients "are legislators, appointed officials in agencies which deal with the environment, their aides and few other selected individuals. We do not accept businesses, organizations or other special interests as clients."

"Our policy development is based on a network of nearly fifty organizations and over 100 experts covering all aspects of the environment as well as related regulatory affairs," it states.

For clients Winningreen releases "issue briefs" with background information and quotes that can be attributed to the officials and politicians they work for. Some briefs have been supporting drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, dismissing calls for increased water releases into the Klamath River and warning consumers against hybrid petrol/electric cars such as the Toyota Prius.


Contact details

3712 N. Broadway - PMB 279
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: 773-477-8633

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