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William P. Jarrell and Jennifer Johnson Calvert, both lobbyists "who'd worked with" Jack Abramoff prior to 2001, left him to form the lobbying firm Washington Strategies LLC "within days" of the 2000 presidential election and "immediately attact[ed] tribal clients." Jarrell was once a top staffer with former House Majority Leader Thomas D. DeLay, Wayne Barrett wrote in the April 27, 2004, Village Voice.


  • Deputy Director for Communications, the U.S. Department of the Interior during George H.W. Bush administration
  • Deputy Chief of Staff, Administrative Assistant and Campaign Manager to then-House Majority Whip Thomas D. DeLay (R-Texas)
  • Chief of Staff to Representative James Saxton (R-New Jersey)
  • Chief of Staff to Representative Donald Lukens (R-Ohio)
  • Communications Director to Senator Steve Symms (R-Idaho)
  • Press Aide to Representative Mickey Edwards (R-Oklahoma)
  • DeLay Foundation for Kids
  • When Jarrell worked at Preston Gates and Ellis, "his clients include[d] the Northern Marianas government and the local garment industry." [1]
  • Another Preston, Gates, and Ellis lobbying client was the Microsoft Corporation, per page 6 of the 1998 Mid-Year lobbying disclosure for Microsoft Corporation at sopr.senate.gov . Jarrell's specific lobbying activity included the successful expansion of the controversial H-1B visa program in 1998 via S.1723.

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