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Jennifer Johnson Calvert and William P. Jarrell, both lobbyists "who'd worked with" Jack Abramoff prior to 2001, left him to form the lobbying firm Washington Strategies LLC "within days" of the 2000 presidential election and "immediately attact[ed] tribal clients." [1]

Indian Affairs

"Jennifer's husband, Chad Calvert, while he was Interior's deputy director of legislative affairs, introduced her" to Wayne Smith -- "assistant deputy secretary at Interior, [who managed] the $3.5 billion budget of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and overs[aw] the hotly politicized Indian casino industry" -- 'left documents from her in his office, and joined the two of them at lobbying lunches—recollections the Calverts only partially deny. When Chad Calvert was recently promoted [in 2004], the Interior press release said he'd been 'coordinating department legislative policy' for 'the assistant secretary for Indian affairs' for three years. Jennifer Calvert's bio says her 'lobbying expertise focuses on Native American issues,' one of those marvelous coincidences of inside-the-beltway life," Wayne Barrett wrote in the April 27, 2004, Village Voice.

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