Whiting Refinery

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Whiting Refinery
company BP Products NA, Inc.
State Indiana
location Whiting
projected capacity 400,000 bpd
project cost $3.8 billion
project type expansion

Project Summary

$3.8 billion expansion to increase processing of Canadian tar sands from 30% of feedstock to 80- 90%. The draft permits are for "significant source modification" (the "construction permit," netting out of NSR) and "significant permit modification" (Title V "operating permit").

Permitting Status

Public meeting and public hearing (only the "hearing" was on the record) on Mar. 14, 2008. Comment deadline on both the construction permit and the Title V permit was Mar. 21, 2008 (but since IDEM offices are closed for a state holiday on March 21, comments were accepted if postmarked or hand-delivered by Mar. 24, 2008 (expired). Final Construction Permit issued May 1, 2008.[1]Madhurima Permit Writer is Madhurima Moulik (317)-233-0868.

Deadline to file Petition for Administrative Review is May 19, 2008. The "veto petition" period on the proposed Title V permit will begin 45 days after IDEM's proposed Title V permit is submitted to the U.S. EPA for review, and will run for 60 days.[1]

Relevant Documents

  • [1] "Significant Source Modification" (i.e. ,

construction) Permit number 089-25484-00453, and "Significant Permit Modification (i.e. , Title V) Permit number 089-25488-00453, along with some associated documents.

  • [2]Final Construction Permit, issued

May 1, 2008.

  • [3]Comments submitted by a coalition of environmental organizations, including the Environmental Integrity Project.


Local Groups

  • Calumet Project filed the first appeal with Global Community Monitor on Saturday, May 10, 2008.[4]

Regional and National Groups