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The Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) a non-profit environmental group that is headquartered in Washington DC with an office in Austin, Texas. The organization focuses on air, water and other environmental issues related to public health.

EIP is made up of lawyers who often work with researchers and media consultants to target sources of pollution in the country, especially those that contribute to global warming. The three main areas of focus of the organization are: coal, refineries and factory farms. EIP is often involved in litigation against proposed and existing coal-fired power plants.

According to the group's website, "EIP combines research, reporting, and media outreach to spotlight illegal pollution, expose political intimidation of enforcement staff, and encourage federal and state agencies to take enforcement action to stop these practices. EIP’s work has been cited in Congressional hearings and debates, in reports by the US General Accountability Office, and in frequent news articles."[1]

Contact information

www.environmentalintegrity.org, officemanager [at] environmentalintegrity.org



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