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Weeden Foundation

"Prior to his death in 1984, Frank Weeden, the Foundation's founder and chief benefactor, asked that the resources of the Weeden Foundation be used to address the adverse impact of growing human populations and overuse of natural resources on the biological fabric of the planet. From its inception in 1963, the Foundation embraced the protection of biodiversity as its main priority. Population growth, particularly in the United States, and over-consumption have also evolved into major program interests in order to more fully address the factors driving biological impoverishment. Organizations supported to date range from those that protect ecosystems and wildlife to those that work towards population stabilization and sustainable consumption. The Foundation financed the first debt-for-nature swap protecting the Beni Biosphere Reserve in Bolivia[1] and is particularly interested in new and innovative efforts that help to develop sustainable models for conservation action. Projects which serve as catalysts inducing others to lend support receive priority consideration." [1]

"The Foundation’s PRI efforts to date include real estate acquired for conservation purposes and equity investments in environmentally conscious natural resource businesses. On the real estate side, in 1995 the Foundation provided a $150,000 bridge-financing loan, since repaid, to the Cheetah Conservation Fund/WILD Foundation for the purchase of an 18,000 acre ranch in Namibia." [2]

They are a partner organization of Global Population Speak Out. [3]


Accessed September 2010: [4]


Web: http://www.weedenfdn.org

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