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U.S. Government and Organizational Response

Congressional Hearings

WRAMC and competitive sourcing

Other Articles & Commentary


  • Mark Benjamin, "The invisible wounded: Casualties of Iraq War," Salon (The Power Hour), March 8, 2005: ""Nothing I uncovered in my reporting ever suggested that troops with serious physical wounds -- amputees or gunshot victims -- were getting anything less than the care and attention they deserve. Indeed, the Pentagon and Walter Reed have allowed reporters and photographers to cover amputees recuperating at Walter Reed and Army doctors pulling out all the stops to save critically wounded troops on the sandy battlefields of Iraq. By all accounts, these are the things the Army does well. They represent 'good news" stories for the Pentagon, showing the great lengths the military goes to care for downed soldiers.'"
  • "U.S. casualties from Iraq war hidden away at Walter Reed. 'Used once and thrown away'," WSWS, June 3, 2005.


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