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W. Bruce Weinrod is Managing Director and General Counsel for International Technology & Trade Associates, Inc. (ITTA) and is a member of the Potomac Foundation board of directors. He is also on the advisory board for Search for Common Ground.

According to the ITTA web site, "Weinrod has extensive domestic and international experience in both the private and public sectors, including senior positions in the Defense Department and on Capitol Hill.

"As Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy, Mr. Weinrod coordinated key policy initiatives with America's Western European allies, including England, France and Germany and also at NATO headquarters. He played an important role in the development of closer US relations with the newly emerging democracies of Central and Eastern Europe, and with respect to relations with Russia as well. Mr. Weinrod represented the Pentagon in senior US government inter-agency discussions and on Capitol Hill.

"At the Pentagon, Mr. Weinrod's responsibilities focused on several areas, including defense trade, armaments procurement and cooperation, missile defenses, technology transfer, and security assistance programs.

"Mr. Weinrod held senior staff positions in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. As Legislative Director and Counsel for Senator John Heinz, he directed all legislative strategy, initiatives and coalitions, and his specific responsibilities included banking and international trade issues.

"In the private sector, Mr. Weinrod served as Manager for International Corporate Affairs for Chase Manhattan Bank, offering strategic counsel on international and legislative policy and business developments. In his work with a Washington, DC law firm, Mr. Weinrod provided counsel and strategy on domestic and international business and government affairs issues, corporate public policy strategies, and administrative, regulatory and legislative matters.

"A US Army veteran, he has a JD from the Georgetown University School of Law and an MA in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the DC Bar, the Council on Foreign Relations and the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He also serves on the Board of the Foreign Student Service Council, which assists foreign students living in the United States. Mr. Weinrod has published widely, and has appeared often on television and radio public affairs programs."

In 1985, he was "Director of Foreign Policy and Defense Studies at the Heritage Foundation." In 1985 he was also selected to serve of the board of the US Institute of Peace. [1]


  • W. Bruce Weinrod and Paula J. Dobriansky, co-editors, U.S. International Leadership in the 21st Century, published by the Potomac Foundation, January 2001. The book is a collection of essays "that focus on U.S. foreign, defense and international economic policy. Contributors to this volume have served in senior positions in the U.S. government." Two named contributors are Dr. Lawrence B. Lindsey and Dr. William Schneider, Jr..

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