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Vincent J. Breglio (Vince Breglio) is Executive Vice President, Head of International Teams for the market research and public relations company, Wirthlin Worldwide. Breglio is an advisor to the Lincoln Group.

In 1969 Breglio co-founded Decision Making Information, later re-named Wirthlin Worldwide with Richard Wirthlin.

According to his biographical note, in 1983 Breglio also started a Washington, D.C. based public opinion and public affairs company known as Research/Strategy/Management, Inc.. [1]

Breglio is Head of International Teams for Wirthlin Wotrldwide "supervising the activities of seven offices outside the U.S. including Wirthlin-Europe, WirthlinWorldwide Asia and WirthlinWorldwide Australasia. He also serves as Managing Director of Wirthlin Worldwide Asia, with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore."

"As the president of his own firm, the Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and the President of DECISION MAKING INFORMATION ® (the national polling firm used almost exclusively by Ronald Reagan and the Republican Administration), he has consulted with business and government leaders at the highest levels," his biographical note states.

Breglio worked on the 1980 Reagan Presidential campaigns as Deputy Director of Strategy and as Senior Consultant on his 1984 campaign. Breglio worked as Director of Polling for the Bush-Quayle Presidential campaign in 1988.

Breglio's biographical note states he has worked work for the Ford Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation along with the RJ Reynolds tobacco company, Geneva Steel, Kraft Foods, the Wall Street Journal and NBC News.

"He has testified frequently before the U.S. Congress on the issues of education, family life, hunger and energy policy," his biographical note states.

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  • "Summary of US Hunger Estimates: 1984 to the Present," Tufts University Center on Hunger, Poverty & Nutrition Policy, November 1995: "The January 1992 Breglio Poll Estimates: Based on the results of a national public opinion survey conducted in January 1992, Dr. Vincent Breglio reported to the U.S. House Select Committee on Hunger that approximately 30 million Americans are now going hungry."
  • Wirthlin Worldwide, "Vincent J. Breglion, Ph.D.", accessed July 2004.
  • Vince Breglio, "Communicating The Ideal Of Liberty: Persuading By Reason; Motivating By Emotion", Presentation to Atlas Economic Research Foundation Communicating the Ideal of Liberty conference August 13-14, 2004. Download pdf copy of presentation - 450k file
  • Sheryl Swenson, Script: "Women and the Vote 2004,", August 31, 2004: "According to Vincent Breglio, Vice President of the market research firm Wirthlin Worldwide, only one in ten Americans are undecided in this 2004 election, but fifty-four percent of those are women..."