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Video Placement Worldwide (VPW) is a company that distributes free videos which it calls "educational" to teachers, librarians, and others across the United States. The videos are provided by corporations and associations.[1]


One of the free videos they give out are "Master Your Future", which VPW describes as an "educational program" that among other things "provide[s] an introduction to some of today's more technological financial tools (on-line banking, ATM's, debit cards, etc.)" That video is sponsored by MasterCard International.

Another free video is "Beyond Division: Reunifying The Republic Of Cyprus". VPW describes it as a "32-minute video, which is appropriate for grades 6-college, traces Cyprus' 9000-year-old cultural and religious heritage, along with its social and political history." This video was sponsored by the Republic of Cyprus, and VPW is registered with the US government as a foreign agent for the Republic of Cyprus due to their paid work on videos on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus. According to paperwork filed by VPW under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in 2001, the Embassy of Cyprus paid VPW $24,675 for videos produced by Cyprus to be distributed to "junior and high school teachers, school library services, colleges and universities as well as other interested educational audiences throughout the United States." [2]

VPW happens to be one of the many registrants that have been late in filing the required foreign agents paperwork as stipulated by FARA. See FARA late 2002 registrants.


Some of the organizations providing the videos are: [3]

Contact details

216 S Payne Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: (703) 836-9797
Email: contactvpw AT


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