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Hong Kong

I'm From Hong Kong (HK) originally and travel all over Asia partly because I'm a lone wanderer. Hong Kong was abandoned by our former colonial masters and is now under de-facto rule from the PRC (China) which would like nothing better than control everything we do. Quite how the Brits let us go and sold us down the river I will never really understand. Don't believe the stuff that Hong Kong is normal post-hand over...IT'S NOT! The PRC are running the show. They are totally adverse to the fact that the Cantonese believe in human rights and the right for free speech. No one tackles them because they are good for big business. When will the hypocrisy end?

In 2003, the Hong Kong controlled government proposed to implement Article 23 of the Basic Law by legislating against acts such as “treason, subversion, secession and sedition”. However, this would have blatantly infringed on human rights. Fearing the loss of freedom of speech and other freedoms, as well as a general dissatisfaction against the Government, on 1 July 2003 huge protests took place after the SARS outbreak (hence my username!!) also in response to the Article 23 incident and general dissatisfaction with the Hong Kong government. The process illustrated people power against the tyranny of those that wish to undermine our personnel freedoms.


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