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I’ve just returned from a long trip all over Asia, looking at human rights. Burma, Laos, China. Yeah, I managed to get in there. That is one tightly controlled country. China’s suppression of the Falun Gong is well documented but seeing people being picked up from the streets for simply speaking their mind is something else.

Also, Chen Yonglin, former Chinese diplomat to Australia and Hao Fengjun, former officer with China's secret 610 police force will be touring all over Europe. They both defected from China because of their disgust over the country’s human rights records and will talk about their experiences. So if anyone is intrested it would be worth going to and hearing.

I want to cover both areas as its important to raise the issues of how human rights in China are ignored for the sake of big business and investment. -- SARS

SARS, dude - many thanks. I appreciate the BP link it’s very useful. Glad to see your back in one piece. Your trip sounds very interesting as well as disturbing. I will go and try and see Hao Fengjun talk. You should also create articles on these issues.

By the way let me return the favor, I hope this link will be intresting from Clear Harmony [1] -- Ben Malcom

Tks Ben - That is actually what I was looking for, I will add that to my links! SARS