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In the early 1990s, the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC) was created as a government corporation with the mission to restructure the government's uranium enrichment operation and prepare it for sale to the private sector. The privatization of USEC Inc. was completed on July 28, 1998.

USEC Inc. (NYSE: USU), a global energy company, is a leading supplier of enriched uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants. Revenues in 2006 were $1.85 billion. USEC headquarters are in Bethesda, Maryland. [1]

Through its subsidiary, the United States Enrichment Corporation, USEC operates the only uranium enrichment facility in the United States: a gaseous diffusion plant in Paducah, Kentucky. [1]

Reference is found of an NRC "Agreement between US Enrichment Corp (USEC) & Starmet CMI, supporting "Submittal of Revised Uranium Management Plan & Decommissioning Funding Program Description" & modified agreement"


Contact details

6903 Rockledge Drive
Bethesda, Maryland 20817
Phone: (301) 564-3200
Fax: (301) 564-3201
Web: http://www.usec.com/v2001_02/HTML/contactus.asp


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