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Tasmania Police State Security Unit (SSU) was created in 2003 by the Tasmanian Government to "facilitate the development of whole-of-government policies and strategies relating to counter-terrorism" and to "develop operational capabilities for prevention, response and recovery in relation to terrorist threats."[1]

Role in Tasmania Police

The Tasmania Police website states that the SSU "provides a focal point for whole-of-government activities and projects involving counter-terrorism. It also liaises with the private sector, the Commonwealth and other jurisdictions in relation to counter-terrorist arrangements and contributes to the development of national counter-terrorism policies." It also notes that the unit also has "specific involvement" in the "Exercise Management Section."[1]

In November 2003 the then Tasmanian Police Commissioner, Richard McReadie told the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade of the Australian parliament that the Tasmanian government "has created a unit of 18 new positions to support the whole-of government response to counterterrorism".[2]

The SSU he said:

"is located within my department, the Department of Police and Public Safety, to ensure that the whole-of-government policy development of emergency responses to the recovery arrangements are truly aligned. The SSU has a budget of $3.7 million a year and the SSU provides a focal point for activities related to counter-terrorism. Its tasks are listed in our written submission and they include, but are clearly not limited to, providing policy advice and support to the Ministerial Security Committee, the state advisory group and Tasmanian representatives to the NCTC, coordinating critical infrastructure protection activities, coordinating the procurement and maintenance of counter-terrorist equipment, liaising with state and Australian government agencies and the private sector in relation to CT issues, and also managing the Tasmania Police Special Capabilities Group and ensuring coordination and the cooperation of capabilities and the arrangements with other emergency services."[2]

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