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Ebell's performance on the BBC was of such breathtaking arrogance that at first I thought he was some comedian brought in for some light relief. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Some examples:

  • Climate change is a myth put about by Europe to damage US business
  • There are no independent scientists outside the USA
  • The Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK government cannot express views on climate change because he is not a climatologist. (Mr Ebell appears to be an ecomomist but clearly doesn't think that is a disqualification in his case)

On this showing, we can clearly not expect any change of attitude from the Bush government anytime soon. If his attitude is typical, the chances of any softening of attitude by the US in terms of listening to anyone else on anything seems remote.

For me, the interview caught me at a sensitive moment, so I've started a blog for him. He does make some outstanding quotes, and I promise to check out all the references he makes in his op-ed papers.