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Maryland's Talk Page Kickoff

Hi, I just thought I'd take the opportunity to open discussion for Maryland's Superdelegate page. I thought I'd add in some election return numbers (sourced to MSNBC) and source a couple of endorsements. The 2008 Convention Watch page is not always 100% accurate regarding endorsements. For instance, Heather Mizeur is listed as a Clinton supporter on that page, but on 1/27/08 the Baltimore Sun specifically discusses her unpledged status with her. There may be others that have not officially declared as well on this page. Anyways. Let me know if I made any egregious wiki errors, as I'm still in the novice stage. Thanks - Jrieth50

Thanks for kicking it off. Looks good. However, we are only loading the state totals once and it should be in the At-Large row. No biggie, I will fix. And otherwise it looks great. I will make sure the demconwatch guys are aware of Mizeur's status. Thanks. --Mark M