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The following was removed from the main page of this article by CMD Staff for further review: is a neo-conservative magazine founded by ex-Marxist (Trokskyite) turned neo-conservative activist David Horowitz. FrontPage's output ranges from old-fashioned red-baiting and neocon punditry, to pushing pro-Likud zionist propaganda.

Organizational overlap

Increasingly the following organizations share writers or principals. For example, FrontPage will carry articles about universities/professors. Campus-Watch shortly afterwards will carry the same articles. Daniel Pipes writes for both websites. Similarly, there is a wide overlap with DiscoverTheNetwork.

Flak and Smear Campaigns

  • FrontPageMagazine: attacks the Heinz Endowments Attacked the philanthropy of Teresa Heinz Kerry. [1][2][3]
  • Attacked Purdue Univ. Prof. Harry Targ stating that: "The Peace Studies program at Purdue is designed to indoctrinate unsuspecting undergraduates in the views that have made Targ a Communist." [4]
  • Promoted "Stop the Madrassa Community Coalition," which sought to shut down Khalil Gibran International Academy in New York City for its teaching of Arabic language and culture. [1]

FrontPage Pundits

Alexis Amory Steven C. Baker Jimmy Bitton
Stephen Brown Tammy Bruce Thomas P. Carroll
Phyllis Chesler Peter Collier Zachary Constantino
Ann Coulter Gordon Cucullu Sean Daniels
Joseph D'Hippolito Larry Elder Steven Emerson
Don Feder Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. Jamie Glazov
David Harsanyi Henry Mark Holzer Erika Holzer
David Horowitz -- editor & blogger Johannes L. Jacobse Ben Johnson
Myles Kantor Lee Kaplan Joe Kaufman
Benjamin Kerstein Charles Krauthammer Mark Landsbaum
Alyssa A. Lappen Roberta Leguizamon Shawn Macomber
Val MacQueen David Meir-Levi Dick Morris
Ed Morrow Jean Pearce John Perazzo
Daniel Pipes Richard Poe -- editor Lowell Ponte
Paul M. Postal Dennis Prager Ronald Radosh
Michael Radu Michael Reagan Asaf Romirowsky
Joseph J. Sabia Stephen Schwartz David A. Sherman
Robert Spencer Frederick W. Stakelbeck, Jr. Michael P. Tremoglie
Michael Tremoglie Judith Weizner David Yeagley

Contact information


  1. Wajahat Ali, Eli Clifton, Matthew Duss, Lee Fang, Scott Keyes, and Faiz Shakir, Fear Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America, CAB, August 2011.

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End Page Excerpt

The phrase attacked is appropiate due to the critical and inflammatory nature of the article cited (if calling someone a communist doesn't strike anyone as an 'attack' well). Profiled implies a somehow neutral take on a person, like A7E's Biography or a general reader biography. Thats not the case here.