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I removed the speculative reference to speakers fees, royalties and consulting fees. While it is true such income is not required to be disclosed there is equally no evidence that there is income from these sources -- bob

The relationship between AdTI and EMG and other organisations is interesting. The "page not found" page for the old EMG group page [1] lists "" as the contact. Googling for that shows it's the same contact address for AdTI, and 'nflchoice' [2] which is another AdTi project. I'm starting an EMG page based on the internet archive information --Gangle 09:44, 5 Jun 2004 (EDT)

I have added the old West Lebanon NH address into the article but deleted the reference to the DC office at 611 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Number 119, Washington, DC 20003 as I wasn't sure whether it was inferring that the addresses were only post boxes at UPS buildings or something else. ("However, both addresses are UPS stores [3] [4]". Nor is it clear that the building were UPS building in 2001. --Bob Burton 17:08, 15 Jan 2006 (EST)