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Working notes

Privatisation of Education

  • Sir Cyril Taylor, advocate of Specialist Schools and Academies
  • Buckingham University
  • Richmond University
  • American Council for International Studies (ACIS)
  • American Institute for Foreign Study

Avian influenza

Why will there not be enough vaccines to go round immediately?

Another constraint to ensuring sufficient vaccine supply during a pandemic is the current manufacturing capacity which is based on the year-on-year use of influenza vaccines for ‘targeted’ population groups. A vaccine cannot be produced until the virus strain is known. It is likely to take four to six months before quantities of vaccine will become available and then over a period of time. Discussions continue at the international and national level on how to boost vaccine production in the event of a pandemic.

Secondly, it is likely that in a pandemic situation two doses of the vaccine will be required rather than one.

Are there enough antiviral drugs available for everyone during a pandemic?

Antiviral drugs are expensive, take time to manufacture, have a limited shelf life, and will be in high international demand at the time of a pandemic. The UK is building up a stockpile of antiviral drugs against the contingency of a flu pandemic. As with other medicines it will be necessary to use them in the most effective way.

Of the total UK population (circa 59 million), an estimated 14.5 million people will become ill. A minimum of 50,000 (one in 300).

However, there is the potential for as many deaths in 12 weeks of a pandemic as in the rest of the year (around 600,000 excess deaths across the UK). attack rates of up to 90% were reported in some boarding schools in previous pandemics

Global Growth working notes

Main URL changed from (now defunct) to summer 2004

  • Phone number in Whois (+44 (0)70 9222 4016) matches phone number for Mondial Global Investors (MGI):"These funds enable MGI to make optimal responses to the volatility caused by increasing capital and information flows across borderless financial markets in the New Economy."

The guy who runs it, Paul Staines seems to be an interesting fellow.

Paul Staines is a former member of the radical right Committee for a Free Britain

Paul Staines was the creator of Popular Propaganda, a libertarian marketing enterprise which produced T-shirts and posters. 'In the Grip of the Sandinistas', his critical study of a decade of Marxist rule in Nicaragua, was published in 1989. He was foreign police analyst with the Committee for a Free Britain before becoming director of the Freedom to Party Campaign and later UK secretary-general of the International Society for Human Rights and editor of 'Human Rights Briefing.' [1]

Paul Staines was, believe it or not, one of the people behind the Acid House craze of the early 90s and was involved with the "Sunrise" and "Back to the Future" M25 orbital raves that led the police on a merry dance. He features amusingly in the best selling "Altered State : The Story of Ecstasy Culture and Acid House" written by Matthew Collin, ex-editor of trend bible ID magazine. Collin's book has a lot of biographical info about Staines. "Generation Ecstasy : Into the World of Techno and Rave Culture" by Simon Reynolds describes him as "a Libertarian Conservative whose day job was as assistant to rabid freemarket ideologue David Hart, one of Thatcher's favorite advisors." Staines wrote a seminal chapter in Nicholas Saunder's classic "E for Ecstasy" where he admits to enjoying deliberately mixing politics, dance music and drugs. The Observer newspaper's Pendennis gossip column claims that whilst working for David Hart he wrote the jokes for Thatcher's last speech to the Conservative Party Conference.

He is reputed to have made his later fortune in Asia from investing in technology companies via Bahamas based hedge fund, Mondial Global Investors LLC and the Tokyo based MGI Nihon Seicho Kabushiki Fund. Mondial Global Investors website now defunct.

Is known to have supported UK libertarian causes financially.

US things to follow up

  • Accuracy In Media
  • American Civil Rights Union
  • American Council Science & Health
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • American Heritage Magazine
  • Archaeology Magazine
  • Bill Of Rights Institute
  • Black America's Pac
  • Bookspan
  • Cato Institute
  • Center For Individual Rights
  • Center For Study Of Pop Culture
  • Citizens For A Sound Economy
  • Citizens United
  • Clare Boothe Luce Institute
  • Club For Growth
  • Collegiate Network
  • Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • Committee To Keep & Bear Arms
  • Democratic Senatorial Camp Comm
  • Economist
  • Folio Society
  • Foundation Endowment
  • Foundation For Indvdl Rghts In Ed
  • Freedom Alliance
  • Free Inquiry
  • Fund For American Studies
  • Halt
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Human Events
  • Independent Institute
  • Independent Review
  • Independent Women's Forum
  • Institute For Humane Studies
  • Institute For Justice
  • Intercolleigate Studies Institute
  • Jesse Helms Center
  • Judicial Watch
  • Laissez Faire Books
  • Leadership Institute
  • Liberty Fund, Inc.
  • Lincoln Institute
  • Loompanics Unlimited
  • Media Research Center
  • Mercatus Center
  • Michael New Legal Defense Fund
  • Milton & Rose Friedman Foundation
  • Mount Vernon Ladies Association
  • National Center For Public Policy
  • National Legal And Policy Center
  • National Review, Inc.
  • National Taxpayers Union
  • Newsletter Systems
  • Objectivist Center
  • Patrick Henry Center
  • Radio America
  • Reason Foundation
  • Republican National Committee
  • Ronald Reagan Pres. Fdtn.
  • Second Amendment Foundation
  • Skeptical Inquirer
  • Tax Foundation
  • Washington Times National Weekly
  • Week, The
  • Wilson Quarterly
  • World War II Veterans Committee
  • Young Americas Fdtn/Reagan Ranch

--LM Group--

Jan Macvarish is founder and director of The Maverick Club, which holds (held?) regular talks mostly on LM-friendly issues (although not exclusively). Jan was on LM staff. cf Ellie Lee. Website only in wayback archive.

the general trajectory has always been obvious in LM: that the New World Order is characterised by constraint in the accumulation process, ie on progress; that the battle lines have been redrawn deep inside territory progressives previously held; that the immediate task of revolutionaries is no longer to argue about how best to deliver progress, but a defence of the value of progress itself, against the many bourgeois apologias (environmentalism, postmodernism, cynicism re: science, risk, victimhood, the equation of humans with animals, evolutionary psychology, etc) for the feudal miserabilism of the new political period.

Larkin Press, published RCG books since at least 1976. Anything to do with Regester Larkin? Culture Wars is the reviews website of the Institute of Ideas. (seems to have a lot in common with spiked) - including Jennifer Cunningham as contributor, ex. LM.


A news article from former greenies which has caused much glee in the the envirospin lobby:

I really want to know more about the people behind the report, which I'm guessing has waste disposal companies behind it.

The authors were Valfrid Paulsson, described as the former director-general of the government's environmental protection agency, but which he left in 1992; Soren Norrby, the former campaign manager for Keep Sweden Tidy; and K-G Mellbin, Per Selberg and Lars Lofstedt, who own waste disposal companies. The article also reports agreement from the Environmental Services Association, which represents the British waste industry.

Risk Management

Benfield Hazards Centre sponsored by Benfield, "the world's leading independent reinsurance intermediary and risk advisory business" - head is also part of SMC

Workshop on Communication of Science Policy to the Media was planned to be held in September 2002, though I can't find any more info about it than this document. What was interesting is that the steering committee for the workshop overlapped with the Science Media Centre, and that it specifically mentions "work already done by the Social Issues Research Centre"

From that document, things covered by the workshop were to include:

  • explore the access of science policy makers to independent experts;
  • aim to establish best practice code or guidelines for Government, drawing on
  • the work already done by the Royal Society, Royal Institution & SIRC;
  • set up a continuing network to exchange experience and best practice in sci-

ence communication by Government and public bodies.

Steering committee:

The contact was listed as Rebecca Bowden of the OST.


  • check links to, african connections all totally spurious
  • note that the following sites are all hosted on the same box, called '' (reason foundation?), same as '' which contains templates for other websites, apparently.
    • used in 2002 by as listserv?
  • around 9 Dec, these sites moved to a different server:
  • irenkenya contains various links to basically sites are made by
  • less significant, but possibly related:, IP, rev DNS '', (Montreal Economic Institute),,, Citizens' Council on Health Care, listserver for National Center For Policy Analysis

DAILY POLICY DIGEST, I think is also at lexi
  • Plus the (state policy network) (

  • Are these related? how? customers

CEO of, Rae, is a free-market cheerleader (Rae will meet Milton Friedman soon for the first time at the Pacific Research Conference in San Francisco.) [2] hosts the old fraser institute website at

they have secure payments for the National Center for Policy Analysis, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, National Taxpayers Union,

Atlas Foundation ( is by them... "The site is the product of the vision of the Atlas's COO Brad Lips. Way to go, Brad! " [3]

In the Works…

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our service and make everyone's life easier.

We have developed a new tool that will allow an organization to create small websites on the fly without having any prior technical knowledge. By using a series of online forms, an administrator can build a website by chosing the website look, colours, fonts, layout and navigation. This tool works well for organizations who have numerous little sites and want to make the administration of these sites easy, fast and painless.

The tool is currently being tested by the International Policy Network (IPN) in London and feedback thus far has been positive. [4]

By changing the number at the end of this we can infer that there are probably 12 websites setup on the CMS made by for the IPN:

Sites with very similar HTML:

  • International Policy Network (possible, but probably not)
  • (probably not, but very similar code / layout to ipn)

List of sites using the CMS:

  • sustainable development network (id=12,author=kendra okonski, date=2004-02-01)
  • (id=4, author=, date=2003-07-16)
  • (id=5, author=ipn, date=2003-08-07)
  • (id=6, author=-, date=2003-08-28)
  • (id=7, author=--, date=2003-08-25)

Directory listing of, January 26, 2005, shows the following customers:

  • Yankee Institute for Public Policy Inc.
  • Black Gold Emergency Planning Inc.
  • Calvert Institute
  • Calgary John Howard Society
  • Evergreen Freedom Foundation
  • Fraser
  • International Policy Network
  • Campaing for Fighting Diseases
  • NCPA
  • Norlien foundation
  • State Policy Network

Monica Winstanley

interesting person, on lots of government task forces

  • Head of Public Relations, BBSRC
  • Foresight Food Chain and Crops for Industry Panel

  • Biochemical society?
  • Advisory Group, OST consultation on Biosciences

 +44 (0)1793 413204 
 +44 (0)1793 413382 

BBSRC Polaris House North Star Avenue Swindon SN2 1UH UNITED KINGDOM

Richard North

Other bookmarks

Local Government Center by Mark Frazier and Robert Poole in 1976 - the first think-tank devoted to researching privatization. In the late 1970s, LGC's materials came to the attention of Ronald Reagan's speech-writers, several of whom went on to hold White House domestic policy positions and promote privatization within his administration.


UK tobacco library scratch pad

  • funding

PPAC is name of comittee deciding it. List of funded orgs at PPAC memo at joshua slavitt was involved in the PPAC public policy advisory committe new in 1998, meets monthly, refers high grants to public policy review committee (Thomas J. Collamore?)

tax foundation / ITIC

  • Philip Morris funded

Jan McVarish

[5] oh her Kung Fu and connection to UCL and Maverick Club. Not in UCL's directory of current students.

Links to here :[6]

Wind farms

Scientific Alliance seem to be doing a lot of work saying they're bad.


  • Darmstadt Manifesto

Renewable Energy Foundation

(Noel Edmonds, Dr John Constable, Campbell Dunford) -; David Burnside Associates Limited handling PR; operates out of Edmonds' own management company

Campbell Dunford is CEO, also chairman of Save the Vale in Somerset (est Aug 2003) which campaigns against 2 228ft turbines.

David Burnside Associates - David Burnside is an Ulster Unionist MP, and spokesperson on environment, food and rural affairs; cabinet office; transport. with an interest in cars. He used to be Director public relations Institute of Directors 1979-84; Director public affairs British Airways 1984-93; acted in an advisory role to the Save the Vale campaign in 2003; advises British Racing Drivers Club.

Edmonds also has an interest in cars ( though it seems he has a genuine interest in sustainable energy, too.

--pro-- Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the WWF industry association