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Steven F. Hayward is a conservative writer and political commentator who is the "F. K. Weyerhaeuser Fellow" at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and a senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute.[1] F.K. Weyerhaeuser was a timber and paper industry magnate, third generation of the Weyerhaeuser family business started by his grandfather Friedrich Weyerhäuser,[2] who is the eighth richest American of all time, at $72.2 billion net worth estimated in 2006.[3]

Hayward has been editor of Inland Business Magazine,[1] contributed to the Claremont Review of Books,[4] contributing editor of the Reason, editor of Public Research Syndicated, Richard M. Weaver fellow of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute,[1] senior fellow and director of the Center for Environmental Studies at the Pacific Research Institute,[5] Bradley fellow at the Heritage Foundation,[1] adjunct fellow of the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs,[6] writer/researcher for Bruce Eberle & Associates,[citation needed] author of The Age of Reagan: The Rebirth and Triumph of the American Spirit, author of Churchill On Leadership: Executive Success in the Face of Adversity,[1] author of Index of Leading Environmental Indicators,[4] editor of Foreign Entanglements: An Institutional Critique of U.S. Foreign Policy[citation needed], contributor to the Encyclopedia of the American Right,[6] published in the New York Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Chicago Tribune, dozens of other daily newspapers, the Weekly Standard, Policy Review,[4] Intercollegiate Review,[citation needed] and winner of the Felix Morley Memorial Prize for distinguished commentary on business and economic affairs".[6]

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