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"Dr. Stephen Hopwood is a Holistic Physician, having qualified in 1986 with a degree in medicine from Bristol University. He has worked as an NHS hospital doctor and as an NHS General Practitioner.

"Dr. Hopwood has studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in China (1983) and the U.K. and has been registered with the British Acupuncture Council since 1989. He has studied traditional Chinese herbal medicine, modern nutritional therapy and the use of vitamins and minerals as dietary supplements. In his clinical practice he combines the use of contemporary health advice with supportive counseling." [1]

"Stephen first became involved in politics after realising 911 was an inside job and was moved to establish the Totnes Truth Movement. A local organisation committed to raising public awareness of issues not usually publicised in the national media. The open group meets monthly in the Barrel House.

"Dr Hopwood also works as a producer for an internet video documentary channel,, which runs a weekly show on Sky channel 200 called Lawful Rebellion (6pm Sat). The issues include the Banking Industry, the EU, the Globalisation agenda, and the Codex agenda." [2]

"Hopwood is indeed an interesting character. His ideas about conspiracies are not limited to medicine. Indeed, he heads the “Totnes Truth Movement”, an organisation devoted to exposing how the 9/11and 7/7 attacks were performed by shadowy government forces and how global warming is just government propaganda designed to enable more control and taxes. He is a producer for a TV channel called BBC5 (showing you the stuff that the propaganda channels of the BBC will not show you). BBC5 broadcasts conspiracy documentaries, including the Burzynski movie." [3]

Bio details

"I was good at chemistry at school so went to university to study chemistry but quickly changed to medicine as I felt clear I wanted to work with people.

"Two years of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, statistics, pathology, histology, and psychology and I was ready to leave. No real sense was communicated of what it was to be human or how to actually go about supporting the body in optimising sustainable health – only protocols of drug treatment and a scorn of all things natural.

"So I did leave and took a years leave and went to China to study acupuncture in Beijing and also to cross the Gobi desert on a steam train to Outer Mongolia to get my head straight – which I did. I finished my 3 month training in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in 1983 and returned to Bristol University Medical School to complete my medical degree in 1986.

"I then worked as a junior hospital doctor for a couple of years then as a NHS GP with Dr Andreas Maendle in Henleaze Bristol for two years who cared for the Rudolph Steiner community with Anthroprosophical medicine.

"I then moved to Totnes to bring my children up in the countryside and set up the Arcturus complementary health centre in Totnes Devon where I still work today.

"Over the past 15 – 20 years of medical and complementary practice I have studied Chinese herbs in depth with the guidance and mentorship of Alan Papier in Bristol and also studied nutrition with the help and guidance of Barbara Wren, from the college of natural nutrition." [4]

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