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Biographical Information

"Barbara Wren is the principal of The College of Natural Nutrition and has been the director of an holistic nutritional college since she first founded the College of Dietary Therapy in 1982.

"Barbara uses her vast experience as a principle clinician to offer a broad range of constructive innovative health advice, with specialist support in detoxification techniques featuring largely in her work.

"Her approach emphasises the need for nutrition to be the means by which people prepare themselves to occupy their rightful position between heaven and earth. She sees the human body as manifesting within it everything which is manifested outside of it in the Universe. She sees healing away from a state of disease as a journey to bring a person back into full resonance with all of the natural energies and vibrations of the universe.

"Her work has always referenced the philosophy of eastern medicine, where return to complete resonance with the natural universal energies is cultivated rather than any opposition developed to the disease state, which is the common philosophy and practise of modern western medicine.

"One of the main features of Barbara’s approach is her understanding that to achieve wholeness a person needs to be able to both receive and also produce light in the form of ‘bio-photons’. She sees her work as being a facilitator to help a person reconnect with their own inner wisdom and manifest the true meaning of “enlightenment”. A person’s journey is seen to be totally individual, ultimately enabling them to absolutely fulfil who they really are in the universal scheme."[1]

"After moving to Devon, Barbara became involved with the foundation of the Natural Health Network Clinic. She also began practising as a dietary therapist in a local G.P.’s practice. From these involvements she developed her philosophy even further and began to see the larger picture, displaying a series of connections rather than isolated incidents.

"The real test for Barbara’s philosophy was to heal herself. She began to put all her ideas into practice and embarked on the road to recovery. This was a very successful process culminating in a year’s pre-conceptual work before having her fifth child at 43. During this pregnancy Barbara co-founded “The College of Dietary Therapy” where she started to share her concepts with students. This college ran from 1982 to 1989 and trained many of todays Dietary Therapists.

"From that point on she has been in great demand to share her concepts with organisations around the country, including The National Child Birth Trust, Well Women Clinics, The Informed Parent, M.E. Groups and Colleges of Kinesiology, Polarity, Osteopathy and Acupuncture. She has also had several articles published in the national press on her philosophy." [1]

"Barbara Wren, Principal of The College of Natural Nutrition, regards the customary procedure of vaccination as having a considerable damaging effect on the health of the growing and adult individual." [2]



  • Barbara Wren, Cellular Awakening: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light (Hay House, 2009).

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