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Shumei International is a Non-Governmental Organization in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. "Happiness is a primal hope of all humankind. And Shumei’s purpose is to help people realize genuine happiness and fulfillment by applying the philosophy and principles taught by Mokichi Okada.

"Shumei believes that the world of joy and happiness can be achieved by practicing in one’s daily life a reverence for nature as expressed through Natural Agriculture, by developing an appreciation of beauty and art, and by experiencing the spiritual healing powers of Jyorei". [1]

"To expand the global reach of Shumei’s agricultural efforts, we formed a partnership with The Rodale Institute of Pennsylvania. Joint programs include educational projects directed to farmers and youth that explain the principles and benefits of Natural Agriculture. We now have a Natural Agriculture Garden at the Rodale Institute" [2]

Seed, Soil and Food for the Future hosted by Shumei International & Navdanya. UN University, Tokyo, February 20, 2013. The two key speakers at this event were Vandana Shiva and Elaine Ingham. "This February, Shumei International and Navdanya are partnering to launch SEED FREEDOM, GARDENS OF HOPE in Japan. SEED FREEDOM is a global effort to raise awareness on the importance of seed and biodiversity preservation, while helping communities to build resiliency against floods, drought, soil degradation and other natural disasters.

"From February 19 to 20, Shumei International will host a series of events with Dr. Vandana Shiva, Founder of Navdanya, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Chief Scientist of Rodale Institute, Mr. Seiji Sugeno, President of Fukushima Organic Agriculture Network, and Mr. Mamoru Azuhata, Shumei Natural Agriculture Farmer in Fukushima. The symposiums, entitled “Seed, Soil and Food for the Future”, will be held in Fukushima and Tokyo and will invite audiences to learn about living in harmony with nature, ways to advance soil rejuvenation, seed preservation, biodiversity, and natural agricultural systems. Dr. Vandana Shiva will also make a special visit to the Miho Institute of Aesthetics to speak to the students about the SEED FREEDOM campaign.

"These events mark the continuation of Shumei and Navdanya’s ongoing partnership to promote environmental sustainability and a way of life in harmony with nature. Previously, Shumei International and Navdanya partnered to produce Visions of the Living Earth, a limited edition book on the environment, and co-hosted the event “Reclaiming Food Democracy” in Brazil during the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)." [1]

"On 19 June 2012, Shumei International and Navdanya officially launched Visions of the Living Earth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20. Shumei International and Navdanya partnered to create Visions of the Living Earth, a limited edition collection of beautiful essays from key individuals on their vision of the living planet along with stunning photographs of nature. Contributors include Maurice Strong, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Pablo Solón, Ela Gandhi, Alice Waters, and Wes Jackson among many others. The book also recognizes the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, which was drafted in Bolivia during the World People’s Conference in 2010 as a call to protect the earth by recognizing its rights...

"Shumei International and Navdanya held the official book launch at the People’s Summit, where thousands of activists and stakeholders gathered during Rio+20. Dr. Vandana Shiva, Founder of Navdanya, along with other key contributors participated in the event, including Hans Herren, Founder and President of Biovision, Patrick Holden, Founder of Sustainable Food Trust, and Benki and Moises Piyãko, indigenous Ashaninka leaders from Brazil. More than 300 people attended the launch and received autographed copies.

"During Rio+20, Visions of the Living Earth was offered to stakeholders and policymakers as a reminder of our connection with nature and viewing the Earth as a living entity. Overall, more than 750 books were distributed." [2]

Full List of Contributors

Hiroko Koyama (preface) Vandana Shiva (introduction)



  • Japanese New Religions in Global Perspective (New Religious Movements)

by Peter B. Clarke (Editor), 2000

  • Spirits, Selves, and Subjectivity in a Japanese New Religion : The Cultural Psychology of Belief in Shukyo Mahikari by Brian J. McVeigh, 1997
  • Dojo : Magic and Exorcism in Modern Japan by Winston Davis, 1980



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