Secondhand smoke workers compensation cases and deaths

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Secondhand smoke workers compensation claims and deaths are important because they demonstrate the health hazards posed to workers who must work around secondhand tobacco smoke. Secondhand smoke injuries and deaths are often underreported. Most workers compensation cases are settled and thus create no legal precedent for on-the-job injury from secondhand smoke exposure. Moreover, workers compensation boards do not usually make their decisions public. Also, because they are settled, little attention is given to workers compensation cases in the mainstream media. Yet the tobacco industry's document archives are full of cases where either workers or their surviving family members have reported on-the-job illness, injury or death from secondhand smoke exposure, or filed workers compensation claims for same. We log such cases on this page, so the public can more easily view information on them.

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To find more documents like this, try searching on <tdo>search_term=workers compensation ETS</tdo> (ETS stands for "environmental tobacco smoke")


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