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"To be sure, the cadre of scientists who conceived of the Santa Fe Institute in the early 1980s were serious scientists. Most of them – George Cowan, Stirling Colgate, Nick Metropolis, Herb Anderson, Darragh Nagle, Peter Caruthers,Ed Knapp, Richard Slansky, and Louis Rosen – were senior fellows at Los Alamos National Laboratory with distinguished careers in physics, chemistry, and computation...

"In August 1986 a small group of Institute researchers and invited economists met in Santa Fe at the request of Citicorp CEO John Reed, who was frustrated with his own economists’ past failures to foresee market catastrophes. Reed, like many whose intellects gravitated toward the Institute, believed traditional economics was somehow missing the bigger picture, and he was eager to hear whether thinking by innovative economists like John Holland, Kenneth Arrow, and W. Brian Arthur might help his company plan for unexpected market shifts that seemed to defy conventional economic theories. The meeting, and Reed’s resulting monetary support, grew into SFI’s program in economics as a complex system, a program that continues today. .."[1]

Science Board

Accessed April 2012: [2]

  • Ex-officio - Jeremy (Jerry) A. Sabloff, Chris Wood


Accessed April 2012: [3]

(† Ex Officio Member, * Executive Committee Member)



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