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The Los Alamos National Laboratory is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) laboratory, "managed by the University of California for the National Nuclear Security Administration. The Laboratory is one of the largest multidisciplinary institutions in the world. It is the largest institution and the largest employer in Northern New Mexico with approximately 7,500 University of California employees plus approximately 3,200 contractor personnel. Our annual budget is approximately $2.2 billion." [1]

Its website states, "Our primary responsibility is ensuring the safety, security, and reliability of the nation's nuclear deterrent." [1]

"Approximately one-third of the Laboratory's technical staff members are physicists, one-fourth are engineers, one-sixth are chemists and materials scientists, and the remainder work in mathematics and computational science, biological science, geoscience, and other disciplines. Professional scientists and students also come to Los Alamos as visitors to participate in scientific projects. Our staff collaborates with universities and industry in both basic and applied research to develop resources for the future."[2]

Contact details

P.O. Box 1663
Los Alamos, NM 87545
Phone: (505) 667-7000
Fax: (505) 665-4411
Email: community AT lanl.gov
Web: http://www.lanl.gov

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