Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology

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Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy

"Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology (RFTP) is the nongovernmental organization founded in 1995 for research and education in transpersonal and related spheres. RFTP is the first transpersonal organization in Russia and the member of EUROTAS since 1995." [1]


  • President of Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology - Evgueny Faydysh
  • Vice-president of Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology - Andrey Gostev
  • Modern information technologies and virtual reality: Alexey Ivanov.
  • Archetypal information of ancient cultures: Dmitry Ryazanov.
  • Psychotronic car technologies (psychotronic tuning): Ilias Baidalinov.
  • Architecture, information design and geomancy: Kairat Kairbekov.
  • Modern psychotechnologies and spiritual practicians of the East (Seaside office of Institute): Larisa Fursova.

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  1. Russian Foundation of Transpersonal Psychology, organizational web page, accessed April 2, 2018.