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Ronald H. Hinckley, PhD, is President of Research/Strategy/Management, Inc. (R/S/M Inc.), Fairfax, Virginia. Hinckley is an advisor for the Lincoln Group.


Dr. Hinckley was Director of Research for the U.S. Information Agency (1994). "Previously he served the National Security Council, in the White House, as Director of Special Studies for crisis management. In more than three decades he has published extensively on public opinion." [1]


  • White House Office of Planning and Evaluation (1983) [2]

Published Works

  • "Decisionmaking in a Glass House: Mass Media, Public Opinion, and American and European Foreign Policy in the 21st Century," edited by Brigitte L. Nacos, Robert Y. Shapiro, and Pierangelo Isernia; Ronald H. Hinckley one of numerous contributors, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. (2000), ISBN 0-8476-9827-0.
  • "People, Polls and Policymakers"
  • "The Credibility Crisis: Congress and the Press Neglect Sources Americans Believe the Most," with Lawrence R. Jacobs and Robert Y. Shapiro, Research/Strategy/Management, Inc., June 1999.
  • "Students' economic and educational status and selection for compensatory education," with Vincent J. Breglio and Richard S. Beal, Washington, DC: Deptartment of Health, Education, and Welfare [Education Division, Office of Education, Office of Planning, Budgeting, and Evaluation], 1978.