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"After attaining AMS certification from the American Montessori Society and a Master of Arts in Education, Vicki Johnston founded the Robert Muller School on the inherited estate in Fairview in 1986...

"Meanwhile, the journey of discovery into experiential learning to encourage individuality and inspire enthusiasm led from the writings of John Holt (unschooling), Rudolph Steiner (Waldorf), John Dewey (cooperative learning), Leo Tolstoy (non-coercive relationships), Don Holdaway (whole language), and Howard Gardner (multiple intelligences), to accounts of Native American child-rearing, especially the Hopi. The wisdom and experience of these and many other sources offered fresh insights into environments for flourishing children...

"More recently science has confirmed resonant exchanges between children and nature. The term Deep Ecology aptly describes the health-giving benefits of wild nature for the body/emotion/mind/spirit complex. " [1]



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