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Robert Muller: "'In my view, from all perspectives -- scientific, political, social, economic and ideological -- humanity finds itself in the pregnancy of an entirely new and promising age: the global, interdependent, universal age ... the birth of the global brain, heart, senses and soul to humanity, of a holistic consciousness of our place in the universe and on this planet, and of our role and destiny in them.'"[1]

"Those are the words of former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller as written in the spring 1995 issue of The Temple of Understanding newsletter under the headline, 'Preparing for the Next Millenium'. Muller now [1995] serves as chancellor of the U.N.'s University for Peace in Costa Rica."[2]

"Muller continues: 'We must, together, create an agency within the U.N. and perhaps an independent United Religions Secretariat. What an incredible challenge that would offer to the United Nations, and what untold good it would bring to humanity, which desperately needs a moral and spiritual Renaissance.'"[3]

His wife is Barbara Gaughen.


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