Restating Estate Tax as Death Tax

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Restating ... Estate Tax as Death Tax

A central component of the effort to repeal the Estate Tax has been to reframe it as the "Death Tax."

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  • PBS/Frontline interview with Frank Luntz, December 15, 2003.
    "Someone like me comes around and realizes that it's not an estate tax, it's a death tax, because you're taxed at death. And suddenly something that isn't viable achieves the support of 75 percent of the American people. It's the same tax, but nobody really knows what an estate is. But they certainly know what it means to be taxed when you die. I argue that is a clarification; that's not an obfuscation."
  • "CBS' Attkisson adopted GOP term "death tax" while reporting on the estate tax" (blog post), Media Matters, November 13, 2006.
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