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Investors Action is U.S.-based tax-exempt organization that claims to be "representing and eductating America's 100 million investors." It was founded in 2004 by James K. Glassman. The 501(c)(4) group is also referred to as Investors Action Alliance, and is associated with the 501(c)(3) Investors Action Foundation.

Investors Action's website domain name is registered to Network Processing Services. As of December 2007, the website is down, with a note that it is being revamped. [1]


Investors Action describes their mission as: [2]

  • "Expanding the number of investors in America;
  • "Educating investors about vital government and economic policies that affect them; and,
  • "Advocating for the interests of investors in the public arena."

In 2004, the group identified the following as their goals: [2]

  • "End all taxes on capital gains and dividends, which depress stock prices
  • "Tort Reform
  • "Stop burdensome laws that are often portrayed by politicians as 'pro-investor.' These laws raise costs for businesses and distract executives from managing their companies, thus hurting, not helping, investors
  • "End government meddling that reduces investors' choices of mutual funds, raises fees and depresses performance
  • "Expand trade and ensure that businesses and investors benefit from the best products and services at the lowest cost throughout the world
  • "Reform Social Security to keep it sound and provide investment alternatives for those who want them
  • "Assure that mortgage interest will be fully deductible and block further rises in property taxes
  • "Guarantee that the death tax is permanently wiped out after 2010."


The group's 2006 financial report lists nearly all of the year's expenses ($103,526 of $110,052 in total expenses) as going to a single project. That project is described as work "with a major Latin American publication to host a forum on foreign investment and the repercussions for the region when Latin American Countries struggle to meet their debts commitments. Information from the forum was publicized and made available to the public, and has reached thousands of Americans." [3]

The organization reported $400,675 in income in 2005. [4]


Investors Action Foundation is described in the group's 2006 financial report as "an outgrowth of Investors Action Alliance. ... The two organizations have separate board of directors, but two of the Foundation's five directors also serve on the Alliance's three-person Board. ... The Alliance is a donor to the Foundation." [5]

Foundation personnel include:[5]

In 2006, the Foundation listed payments to two contractors: $65,446 to DCI Group in Phoeniz, Arizona, for "public relations" services, and $135,000 to Sonecon in Washington DC, for "research services." [5]

The Foundation lists as its accomplishments for 2006 (with costs totaling $309,090) "an academic analysis of the impact of foreign debt default on American debt holders, and worked with a major Latin American publication to host a forum on foreign investment and the repercussions for the region when Latin American countries struggle to meet their debt commitments." [5]


From the group's 2006 financial report:[3]

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