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Regester Larkin is a U.K.-based PR company that specialises in issues management and crisis management.

Regester Larkin describes itself as having "helped some of the world’s largest companies and most high-profile public sector bodies successfully manage internal and external issues and crises ranging from accidents and fires to sustained NGO campaigns and intrusive media attention." [1]

"Environmental health concerns relating to phthalates, antibiotic superbugs, BSE, GMOs, deep vein thrombosis and mobile phone use have all made consumers risk averse. Issues such as industrial pollution, poor employment practices in developing countries and bad behaviour by management have made consumers sensitive to the effect companies have on the environment, local communities and economies," it states on its website. [2]

RL has its fans amonsgt the ranks of corporate PR managers. "Regester Larkin is simply the best on the market when it comes to crisis management," an anonymous "Issues Manager" from Shell Chemicals is cited stating on the RL website.

Regester Larkin is a member of the BioIndustry Association and is also partnered with government lobbying firm Political Intelligence.


Partner Judy Larkin has spoken with the Institute of Ideas and has also written for AIRMIC.

Several former RL employees are behind Sense about Science.

Selected Clients

The bulk of RL's clients are pharmaceutical, oil, or biotech companies and include:


Contact details

Regester Larkin Ltd
16 Doughty Street
London WC1N 2PL
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 (0)20 7831 3839
Fax: 44 (0)20 7831 3632
Email: enquiries AT

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