R.J. Reynolds 1959 cigarette paper patent

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1959 R.J. Reynolds cigarette paper patent


1959 R.J. Reynolds patent states that cigarette paper is made of a "cellulosic sheet" that has various additives incorporated in it for a variety of purposes, e.g., to add weight, control porosity, influence ash formation, regulate burning properties, provide opacity, and the like. Also states that additives are added to cigarette paper to keep it burning and regulate the ash formation. Paper is also used to impart a desired aroma to cigarettes.

Title: Cigarette Paper
Author: Edgar H. Harwood
Document date:19590512/e (estimated date)
Page count:2
Corporate author: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company | United States Patent Office
Named person: Jones | Teague
Bates number: 108078541-108078542
URL: http://bat.library.ucsf.edu/tid/zne36a99