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Project EverGreen was formed in 2003 to defend the use of pesticides and other consumer gardening products.


One its website Project EverGreen states that it will "take a pro-active approach in dealing with the ever-alarming concerns regarding the future of the green industry related to the products and services used to create these well-maintained green spaces. One merely has to look at coordinated activist efforts in such areas as Canada, New York State, Minnesota and western states to curtail or even eliminate pesticides and fertilizers, severely restrict the use of water and lawns and other efforts detrimental to the green industry and consumers. Every facet of the business - pesticides, equipment, seed, nutrients, irrigation and more - is at stake here in the U.S. This is a pro-active effort designed to educate and inform consumers." [1]

The major focus of the project is a PR campaign "to tell the positive story of the environmental, economic and lifestyle values of well-maintained green spaces, including lawns and landscapes, sports turf, golf courses, trees, etc."

In November 2004 the group ran an advertisement in approximately two dozen industry trade magazines, "The gloves are off", outlining the need for its campaign. "Yes, legislation and regulations have been throwing the green industry some rough punches ... And we're about to start fighting back." [2]

In a letter to supporters EverGreen state that while their aim for the overall campaign is $1 million "contributions are well over $500,000 and climbing". [3]

In another version of the ad on its website Project Evergreen states "the public needs valid and credible information to make wise choices".[4] "Our industry is clearly under attack, and its time to fight back!"

"We must work together to prevent a repeat of the disaster that occurred in Toronto in May 2004 when a complete ban on the use of herbicides from home lawns in Toronto was enacted. Just as we must pull together to stop the planting and watering restrictions crippling our industry in palaces like Sarasota, Aurora, CO and Las Vegas", the ad states.

While Project EverGreen claim that one of their goals is to enable the public to make "wise choices" the pesticide industry has adopted the strategy of lobbying state legislatures to prevent local authorities adopting regulations banning pesticide use on lawns.

Allen James, the President of Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment, a Project EverGreen funder, told Scripps Howard News Service that "local communities generally do not have the expertise on issues about pesticides to make responsible decisions".[5]

The non-government organisation Beyond Pesticides have produced ads mimicking the design of Project EverGreen ads. "The chemical lawn care industry is worried that the word is getting out on the toxic hazards of lawn pesticides ... It is possible to have a green lawn without toxic pesticides," the ad states.[6]



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