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PoliticalWar.com is a now-defunct nonprofit campaign finance 527 advocacy organization that was initiated by conservative commentator David Horowitz in 2002.

Politicalwar.com is singularly noteworthy in the fact that, according to IRS disclosure records, it appears to be the only conservative 527 group to have outlays that were significantly in excess of contributions in both the 2002 and 2004 election cycles.

For the 2002 election cycle, politicalwar.com's expenditures exceeded contributions by over $74,000. [1].

For the 2004 election cycle, expenditures exceeded contributions by over $19,000. [2] [3]

The top three lifetime contributors to Politicalwar.com: [4]

  • Princeton Consultants Inc. $58,600
  • Crow Holdings (whose president is Republican benefactor Harlan Crow) $20,000
  • The Uhlmann Company (whose chairman is longtime Republican activist John Uhlmann ) $10,000

Veteran Republican operative Susan Arceneaux was listed as the custodian of records on politicalwar.com's IRS form 8872 [5].

Politicalwar.com appears to have been shut down sometime in 2004.

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