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Harlan R. Crow of Dallas, Texas, is a longtime Republican benefactor.

The son of Dallas real estate magnate Trammell Crow, Harlan Crow is the owner of Crow Realty Investors, as well as the president of another real estate concern, Crow Holdings. Crow Holdings owns almost 10% of the shares of the Trammell Crow real estate company.[1] Crow is also listed as a managing partner of Crow Family Holdings, as well. [2]

For his generous contributions to the George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential Library, Crow was named a trustee. Other trustees include such Republican luminaries such as Florida governor Jeb Bush and former Secretary of State James A. Baker III . [3]

Harlan Crow is also trustee of the American Enterprise Institute and a major patron of Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In 2002, Justice Thomas reported receiving a gift of a "Frederick Douglass Bible," valued at $19,000, from Harlan and Kathy Crow, whom he described as "personal friends." [4]

Crow has an unusual hobby of collecting statues of both past and present tyrants, including Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro. His home in Dallas purportedly contains one of the world's largest statuaries on its grounds, with 20 statues ranging up to 20 feet tall [5] [6]

"Crow is a member of the founders committee of the Club for Growth , a conservative political group that raises money uses it to influence public policy and elect political candidates who advocate the 'Reagan vision of limited government and lower taxes.' " [7]

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