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International Conservation Caucus Foundation "is extending its collaboration by supporting the formation and launch of the Oceans Caucus Foundation (OCF) within its organizational structure. The Oceans Caucus Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which has assembled a powerful collaboration of public and private sector organizations to educate U.S. and international policymakers about issues of ocean conservation worldwide, including establishing a balance between the needs of ecosystems and fishing, tourism, and transportation industries...

"The Oceans Caucus Foundation joins ICCF’s collaboration of like-minded corporate and NGO partners to help forge bold new solutions in maritime conservation. The OCF also works hand in hand with the strong global network of partner nations in ICCF’s Conservation Council of Nations to establish and foster relationships with partners and government leaders and to build consensus on issues relating to oceans.

Working with the leadership of the Oceans Caucus in the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate, Conservation Council of Nations partner embassies in Washington and their parliaments at home, the OCF is able to adequately address oceanic issues by bringing together leaders from all of the communities that depend on oceans." [1]

Steering Committee

"The Oceans Caucus Foundation has established a “brain trust” of leaders in oceans-related industries to help us determine the critical issues which must be addressed and presented. Oceans Steering Committee members are the founding partners of the OCF and play an influential role as we develop a platform to educate policymakers on issues of ocean conservation, including their implications for energy, transportation, and food industries.

"Oceans Steering Committee founding partners help us determine the issues, platform, scope, and direction of the Foundation and in the ongoing formulation of educational Congressional briefings and field programs. They have demonstrated tremendous initiative in developing innovative programs to tackle oceans issues, and are proven leaders in maritime conservation. We are proud to bring BumbleBee Foods, SeaWorld, and the Environmental Defense Fund together to develop the American agenda in stewardship of the world's oceans ecosystems." [2]

Ocean Council [3]


URL: http://www.ocfoundation.us

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